These are the current IRL Personnel.  The IRL is a mix of faculty, staff and students (both graduate and undergraduate). 

  • Glenn Martin

    Glenn Martin

    Research Assistant Professor & Lab Director

    Dr. Glenn A. Martin is a Research Assistant Professor and leads the Interactive Realities Laboratory, pursuing research in dynamic and adaptive virtual environments, including applications of virtual reality and game-based technology, and development of adaptive training tools (especially in after action review). In 2005 he was given a University of Central Florida Research Incentive Award (RIA) for his research in these areas, and he has twice been recognized as a "UCF Millionaire" for over $1 million in funding within a single year. He has published many papers and has supervised multiple millions of dollars in research projects from the DoD and area companies. He also works closely with the UCF Programming Team mentoring those students in various areas of computer science and team work, and has recently supported the college-level competitions by volunteering in various roles.

  • Steven Zielinski

    Steven Zielinski

    Assistant in Simulation

    Steven worked part-time in the lab and earned his B.S. degree in computer science, graduating in May 2011. Starting in 2013 he became full-time in the lab and now leads development efforts across many of our research projects.

  • Shehan Sirigampola

    Shehan Sirigampola

    Assistant in Simulation

    Shehan (Sean) graduated with a Bachelor's degrees in Computer Science. While completing that degree, he worked in the lab as a research assistant pursuing various visualization research efforts. He has now joined the lab full-time, splitting his time between persistent virtual worlds research and scientific visualization research.

  • Chandler Lattin

    Chandler Lattin

    Undergraduate Research Assistant

    Chandler joined the lab in 2014 and has primarily worked on research in persistent virtual worlds, particularly real-time physics. He is working on his B.S. degree in computer science at UCF. In his free time, Chandler loves to play Counter Strike: Global Offensive where he has been ranked as high as Distinguished Master Guardian!

  • Greg Marcus

    Greg Marcus

    Digital Artist & Lab Assistant

    Greg is primarily an instructor at Full Sail University; however, he worked on the side here at the IRL supporting various digital media (digital assets) needed by the lab and supporting the lab in other various ways. His past experience includes creating graphics and promotions for a radio station group in South Florida and acting as a simulation database engineer at Lockheed Martin